Website tests and Homepage surveys

Ask the visitors and users of your homepage what they think about it.

A website test will help you optimize the layout, clarity and information content of your site.

Typical questions
  • Is my Website easy to navigate?
  • Do the visitors of my page find their way around?
  • Do the visitors of my web page find the information they were looking for?
  • Is my website aesthetically pleasing?
  • Does the site work as it should?
  • How can i improve my website?
  • Who are the people that visit my site?

Use the result of a website test to improve the attractivity of your site in content as well as optics, leading to more visitors, with a longer session time and more purchases.

You don't have the capacity to do it yourself?

We can program your survey with our own software at a competitive price. Our project managers have the know-how of hundreds of survey projects and can see your survey through without complications. We implement and host the survey, invite your registered users by mail (if applicable) and deliver the data.

Contact us for a non-committal quote or to discuss how your survey project can be done!

Website Test