Online Surveys can be Fun! - Surveytainment by Exavo

With Exavo SurveyStudio your surveys can be easy and fun to answer.

Filling out an Exavo Survey is comfortable and convenient. The respondent is having fun and and the dropout ratio sinks to a minimum. A multitude of innovative Features garantuees success for your surveys.

internet survey software with 'easy click' feature

'Easy Click' function

The 'Easy Click' function makes it easier for the participant because he/she doesn't have to hit the buttons with the mouse. The whole area of the question item, including item texts, images etc. will be highlighted on Mouse-over and a click on the area is all that's needed to mark the answer.

Comfortable Matrix Questions

While hovering the mouse pointer over a matrix question the current row and column are graphically highlighted. This makes it a lot easier for the respondent to find his/her way through the question especially if the Matrix is big or has Multipunch functionalities.

umfrage matrix frage matrixfragen
Innovative Question Types

Innovative Question Types

Choose from a multitude of professional templates and spice up your survey with graphical sliders, rankings and point or percentile allocation questions. These make the survey more fun for your respondents and allow you to ask questions the way you need to.

Suggestive Error Messages

Point out missing, inconsistent or invalid answers to the respondent in an understandable message. Exavo SurveyStudio allows you to set individual error messages and individual conditions for each message to be displayed.

online survey software error message helping the repondent
survey software with quick loading times for survey pages

Quick server response

The Exavo SurveyCenter Server doesn't have to make time consuming database queries to deliver a survey page. All pages are precompiled and can be delivered instantly. This means the Exavo Survey System offers better performance. Your pages will be delivered faster to more respondents at the same time.

With Exavo SurveyStudio you can create optically pleasing and professional surveys that are fun for the participant and deliver answers for your questions.