Analyze your Results, Export and Present your Data

Data Analysis, Export and Presentation

The most important goal is getting valid, high quality data. Exavo SurveyStudio utilizes several methods to ensure the quality of the data. The powerful Export module supports all established formats and ensures that your data can be used in every way you desire, whenever you need to - you can make data exports even during the fieldwork.

Data Cleanup

While the survey is in the field you can set a minimum for the time needed to complete the survey seriously. The respondents who finish faster than that can be flagged as Speeders, so you have the option to exclude them later. There are more functions for automated data cleanup available during and after the fieldwork. You can use filters to narrow down which data you want to export.

excel charts
Export survey data to SPSS, csv and excel

Hassle-free export to all established formats

In addition to the built-in analysis tools of Exavo SurveyStudio you can export your data to all established formats, such as SPSS, Triple-S, Quantum, Fixed ASCII, CSV or Excel. The labels and variable values can be designated freely and changed at any time and will be exported with the data. Data from Multipunch questions can be exported in binary or categorical formats.

Excel Data Export

Excel Reports created with Exavo SurveyStudio can include native Excel diagrams. These charts are created automatically and visualize the results for each question. They can be adapted quickly and provide a great foundation for quick Analysis and Presentation of the data.

Example Excel Report

excel charts