Dynamic and Interactivity

Dynamic and Interactivity in your survey

With Exavo SurveyStudio your surveys can react dynamically to the answers of your participant. The respondents need only to answer the questions relevant to them. Every object in the survey can be shown or hidden dynamically.

Filtering and Routing

Dynamic Piping and Routing through the survey

With Filters you can show or hide pages, questions answers or whole blocks of pages depending on criteria you can define freely. The respondent can be lead through the survey based on his answers or previously known attributes. In Exavo SurveyStudio you can define filter conditions in a simple Drag and Drop wizard. You don't need to learn a complicated scripting language.

Show and hide objects dynamically

With filter conditions you can hide or show any object in the survey (answers, images, Logos, input boxes,...). Create interactive survey pages that react instantly to user input without having to learn how to code.

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multimedia surveys

Make it Multimedia!

Include images and video with a single mouse click. If you want, your pictures can have a zoom function so the user can enlarge it. Exavo SurveyStudio supports Flash Animations (.swf) and Flash Video (.flv) files.

Randomisation and Rotation

Randomisation can change the order of pages, questions, ansers or whole page blocks randomly for every respondent to increase the quality of the collected data. You can give fix position to single elements too. (e.g. your "None of these" option will always be at the bottom)

Randomisation and Rotation