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Features a Pro won't want to do without.

Exavo SurveyStudio is the Office Class of online survey systems. Create professional and fully functional surveys in minutes. With Exavo SurveyStudio you will be able to implement even the most complex survey projects in a quick and efficient manner. Just try it!

Availability and Cross-Browser Compatibility

Availability and Cross-Browser Compatibility

You don't have to bar people from participating. Exavo Surveys are accessible with a multitude of different browsers and operating systems. The Exavo SurveyCenter Server automatically detects whether the participant's browser accepts JavaScript and always delivers the appropriate version of the survey to make sure that everyone interested can participate regardless of technology.

Easy Data Export to all established formats

In addition to the analysis tools built into Exavo SurveyStudio you can export your data for use in other analysis tools. We support many different data formats such as SPSS, Triple-S, Quantum, Fixed ASCII, CSV or Excel. All Labels und Variable names you want to use for the export can be designated freely when you implement the survey or even after the fieldwork.

export survey data to spss csv excel
Once is enough

Prevent multiple participation

Exavo SurveyStudio uses several techniques to prevent participants from filling out the survey more than once and to detect "Incentive Hunters", or Speeders. You can automatically detect multiple participations and Speeders and delete them. This will prevent your data from being distorted.

Innovative Question Types

Exavo SurveyStudio offers the right question type for any problem. With Single Punch, Multi Punch, Matrix and Multimatrix Questions, Rankings, Point Allocation, Sliders, Text or Image Highlighting, Drag&Drop Questions and open ended questions there's nothing you can't ask your participants.

Innovative Question Types
Data that makes sense

Plausibility Check

Exavo SurveyStudio helps you to get plausible and complete data. It offers the possibility to integrate individual checks into the survey and helps you when you analyze the data during and after the fieldwork.

With our Exavo Survey Software you will be successful in getting complex tasks done right, quick and efficient. Try it!