Product and Concept tests

Online surveys are a great way for testing new and innovative product ideas or concepts.

They can be used in all phases of the product development. You can ask people what the think about the concept or the product itself.

Concept test
With a concept test you can analyse how the acceptance of your brand, product or service can be increased even before it hits the market.

Typical questions

  • How can i improve my concept or ad campaign?
  • Is there a market for my idea/product/service?
  • Where can i cut costs?

The results of a concept test will help you saving costs and optimizing your product even in the planning phase.

Product test
With a product test you can get honest opinions on your product or parts of it, e.g. the packaging.

Typical questions

  • How do people react to my product?
  • How is my product percieved in comparison to similar products?
  • Does my product offer everything my customers want?
  • Do i offer a good price/performance ratio?

A product test quickly reveals any weaknesses and helps you make the most of your product. It helps you to improve and adapt your product to what your customers really want.

You don't have the capacity to do it yourself?

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Product and Concept tests