Exavo GmbH - Ahead because of competence

Exavo GmbH - Ahead because of competence

The customer is always first.

Exavo GmbH is known among market researchers for its professional Software produtcts, its focus on the customer and its reliability. The success of our customers' projects is at the center of attention in everything we do.

Our core competence is the development and technical allocation of solutions for modern and professional Online Surveys.

We offer our customers innovative possibilities for using online surveys today and in the futuree through the steady improvement of the Exavo Software Family and the development of new products for general and proprietary use.

This is one of the reasons why Exavo is among the leading suppliers of Survey Software Solutions and why small market research offices as well as multinational companies decide to use our software.

Exavo GmbH, based in Wendelstein near Nürnberg was founded in 2004. With our young, highly motivated and dynamic team, our expert knowledge, years of experience and our innovations we are a successful software vendor and not limited to the german speaking area.

Our competence is the sum of experiences
  • from numerous successful software projects,
  • from the straightforward and cooperative work with our customers and
  • from the individual skills of our members of staff.

Our customers don't want to do without the quality they've witnessed with Exavo.

Use our experience for your success!