Employee Attitude Surveys

Having content employees is a key factor for the long term success of your company. With regular employee surveys you can capture the motivational situation in your company and collect ideas to improve it.

An anonymized online survey will give you an especially high participation ratio as well as honest and detailed answers.

Typical questions
  • How content and motivated are my employees?
  • How can we improve the working conditions?
  • Does the communication between and in departments work?
  • Is there potential for optimisation of organisational processes?
  • What is the working climate like?
  • What are the reasons for what the employees do?
  • Can we improve on teamwork?

Unlock new potential by tapping into the "insider knowledge" of your employess. Knowing the opinions and attitude of your staff gives you the power to improve the working climate and motivation which in turn will affect productivity.

You don't have the capacity to do it yourself?

We can program your survey with our own software at a competitive price. Our project managers have the know-how of hundreds of survey projects and can see your survey through without complications. We implement and host the survey, invite your employees by mail and deliver the data.

Contact us for a non-committal quote or to discuss how your survey project can be done!

Employee Attitude Surveys