Customer Satisfaction Surveys

"You just listen to the customers, then act on what they tell you."
Charles Lazarus (*1923),
founder of Toys'R'Us

Regularly ask your customers for their opinion and critique. This will help you in finding potential for improvement.

It's not a secret that keeping your customers satisfied is existentially important for any business. Happy customers will come back to you, and that is an essential factor for ensuring long term success.

Typical questions
  • Have there been particular occasions that caused my customers to be satisfied/dissatisfied?
  • Are my customers satisfied with the friendlyness/helpfulness of the staff (e.g. phone support, sales advisory etc.)
  • What additional products/services do my customers whish for?
  • Are my customers satisfied with the price/performance ratio?

Analysing customer satisfaction uncovers the needs, motivations and interests of your customers and enables you to start targeted measures towards the improvement of customer loyalty.

You don't have the capacity to do it yourself?

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Customer Satisfaction Surveys