No Compromises in Survey Scripting

Create professional surveys within minutes.

With Exavo SurveyStudio it's easier than ever before to script professional Online Surveys. Exavo SurveyStudio offers an intuitive UI which enables you to create, host, supervise and analyze Online Surveys with unmatched speed and ease of use. There's no throwing around complex HTML code and you don't have to learn a complex scripting language to make a survey with SurveyStudio.

windows survey software with office controls

Exavo - the Office Class

Exavo SurveyStudio consciously picks up core funtionalities of the known Office programs so you'll instantly feel at home with the Look&Feel. Because of the consequent application of the "what you see is what you get" principle (WYSIWYG) you can create and fill the survey pages as you would with the slides in a Powerpoint presentation. This way the Application is intuitive to use and lets you adapt and customize every single element individually.


SurveyStudio offers real "What You See Is What You Get", even while you're scripting the survey. You can move every graphical item on the page and arrange them as needed, just as you would in a DTP or Graphics Program. You can instantly see the pages the way they will be served to your respondents.

windows surey software with wysiwyg
flexible survey layout

Flexible Survey Layout and Pixel-for-Pixel Control

Exavo SurveyStudio gives you free reign over the layout of your survey. You have the total flexibility of being able to arrange every single element by hand. Every color, image, background, border and font can be customized freely. You can format texts, choose font colors to mark sentences and accentuate single words as you would in a Word Processing program.

Layout Templates

If you want to make an optically pleasing survey without working your way into the program, you can start right away by picking one of the numerous Layout templates that come with SurveyStudio. All standard elements, such as click buttons, backgrounds, 'forward' and 'back' buttons are matched to look good together. Of course you can also save your own layouts as templates for reuse.

layout templates for online surveys
add multiple languages to your survey

Multiple Language Support

Exavo SurveyStudio allows you to use multiple languages with UNICODE characters and support for right-to-left fonts. You can have an unlimited number of languages in one project file. An automated translation Import/Export function saves the texts in an XLS file and updates the survey from the file when you get it back from the translation office. Different methods of language selection both manual and automatic ensure that every respondent can participate in his/her own language.

Button Creator

With the innovative Button Creator you can make, customize and label Action Buttons within seconds. Button labels also support Unicode so you can have button labels in (e.g.) Chinese, Greek or Arabic.

button creator with templates and designs
Question Library

Question Library

With the help of our Question Library you can add questions to your survey in no time at all. The key feature is adding your own questions to the library so you can reuse them later. And of course you can sort the questions in the library by frequency of use to make working with the Question Library even faster.

Make amendments even in the field

You can replace the current version of the survey with structural or content changes at any time. Our hosting system enables you to do so even while the survey is in the field. The data you have already collected will still be valid when you make changes.

one click survey hosting

With Exavo Survey Software you'll succeed in getting complex tasks done quickly, efficiently and intuitively. Convince yourself!